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Waterbased Inks

Waterbased Inks

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Wow these are amazing! CrystaLac has made a waterbased ink that performs similar to an alcohol based ink but is completely, non-toxic and safe to use!
These incredible inks are highly concentrated and brilliant in color.
The best part about these is that they are compatible with both waterbased products and epoxy.
They can be dropped directly into wet topcoats without incompatibility issues and provide beautiful lacing effects.
They can also be used on dry, primed surfaces. On dry surfaces, no need to seal, just wait overnight before adding your topcoat to prevent bleeding. This will ultimately save so much time in your process! 

Available in 1 oz dropper bottles sold as individual colors or sets.

The 12 oz set comes with a complimentary 4 oz bottle of CystaLac blending solution!

CrystaLac Blending Solution can be used to dilute the ink colors for a lighter version or for cleaning up lines and mess ups. It also can be used as an ink base for making your own ink colors by adding the CrystaLac Concentrated Pigments! It’s basically a Clear Ink Base giving you lots of color options. 

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