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Mystic Mica Shimmer Coat

Mystic Mica Shimmer Coat

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What is Mystic Mica Shimmer Coat?

Well for one, it is not the same thing as the Concentrated Liquid Micas.

Mystic Mica Shimmer Coat is a sparkly color coat which consists of a clear topcoat base with added pigments for color and a bunch of beautiful mixed micas to add shimmer.

These beautiful colors are semi transparent so they may need 2 to 3 coats for full coverage. For best results, use straight as is without diluting. They also look amazing over a colored basecoat such as our Flip'N Awesome Paints.

Please note, the Mystic Mica Shimmer Coat will dry with a dull sheen, apply your choice of topcoat over it and watch the shimmer come to life. 

Mystic Mica Shimmer Coat is a 2+ hour dry & recoat time. 

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