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The Case for

Waterborne Finishes

We believe they can change the world.

What does waterborne mean?

A coating is considered waterborne when its base is made with water, rather than harmful solvents, oils, or waxes. It cures through the evaporation of water, as opposed to the reaction of harsh chemicals, which put off dangerous and obnoxious odors. There is a common misconception that waterborne products are not as durable as the alternatives, but this is simply not true. CrystaLac has formulated and manufactured solely waterborne products for over 50 years, using only the highest quality resins and ingredients in our products. We have been innovating the paint and coatings industry since the 1950s, beginning with our founder Derek Becker and continuing with his daughter Dorinda now. Today, CrystaLac offers the highest quality sealers, grain fillers, stains, topcoats, and finishes available in the market.

  • Safe

    We use water and premium quality raw materials to create coatings with super low VOCs (less than 1%).

  • Sustainable

    Water evaporates back into the ecosystem while your projects dry, so you're not contributing to environmental smog.

  • Simple

    Our products are formulated and manufactured to the highest standards for ease of use. No mixing or measuring.

Our Mission

To transition the world’s craftsmanship to healthy and sustainable practices by formulating, manufacturing, and educating people on specialty water-based coatings that will last for generations.

About Us

My Dad (AKA) Derek Becker

He’s a pretty cool cat. It all started in a barn. Well not really. My dad was born in 1933 and turned 86 years old this year. He is the hardest working man that I know and still insists on working today, even at 84! He is truly the sweetest, kindest, most giving man that you will ever meet. He is super smart, and can do anything. In fact, I think he is Superman! (only I know this)

A little history

  • Derek went to paint school in San Francisco, CA where he learned how to formulate all kinds of coatings. He worked as Head Chemist and Formulator for several companies.
  • He was drafted into the Navy and played the saxophone in the Navy Band. (Cool)
  • At 27, he married my mom. They are still together 58 years strong.

Back to the Barn

As far as I know, my dad has always been making paint and specialty coatings, but what I remember the most is hanging out with him in an old barn next to our house in Candler, Florida. The barn is where all the magical formulations began. Not only did he make paint, he made all the mixing equipment and machinery to make his batches with. See, he really is a genius. He had a great, successful business going, supplying paint and finishes to several local companies.

In 1989 my folks moved to Mountain City, Tennessee and opened up their family business called Becker Labs. That is where the manufacturing plant for CrystaLac products was born and is still operating. CrystaLac Top Coats are made with the highest quality ingredients and everything is Environmentally Safe! Making all Eco Friendly products that are easy to use and extremely durable plus great customer service, has always been top priority for our company.


Oh, and BTW, I’m Dorinda. I’m the youngest child in our family of four kids. I have heard it said that the youngest child is always the smartest and most beautiful. That is true. LOL. I have had the privilege of working side by side with my dad for over 20 years now. He has taught me everything I know about life, finishes, formulating and running a business. He has also passed on some great genes for an awesome sense of humor and some musical talent as well. As of January 2017, I have taken on the family business and CrystaLac is now my baby. Together we make MAGIC!


Derek & DeLite Becker

Join the Movement

Transitioning to waterborne coatings protects you, your family, your pets, and the environment from the harmful effects of VOCs. At CrystaLac, our goal is to help you with the transition by formulating and manufacturing the highest quality coatings for your projects.

Here at CrystaLac, we are here to give you confidence and empower you to protect your incredible projects with waterborne coatings and finishes.​