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Wood Grain Filler (Clear)


Wood Grain Filler fills open grains and pores leaving an absolutely clear, glass-smooth surface, ready to topcoat. Drys fast, sands easily, and is also stainable.

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Create unmatched smoothness, ready for your perfect topcoat.

Wood Grain Filler fills open grains and pores leaving an absolutely clear, glass-smooth surface, ready to topcoat. Drys fast, sands easily, and is also stainable.

Product Details


  • Flawless Finish – By filling wood grain before top coating, eliminate distracting pockmarks and achieve a silky, glass-smooth finish that enhances the overall aesthetic of your project. 
  • Use Less – You no longer have to apply layer after layer of top coat to get a clear, smooth finish. With wood grain filler, as little as one coat is enough to fill any imperfections, letting you apply less top coat at the end.
  • Easy Application – Simply rub in and trowel off the excess to effortlessly fill wood grain pores, leveling the surface for a professional-quality finish in as little as one coat.
  • Total Customization – Apply the filler over stain, sand it, or even tint it with water soluble dyes or just a dab of latex paint colorant, offering you a personalized end result.
  • Safe for You – Our water-based formula is epoxy free, low odor, and super low-VOC. You can breathe easy while using this product in your house and around your family and pets.


  1. Environment: For best results, work in an environment between 68-75ºF.
  2. (Optional): Apply your CrystaLac sealer, depending on your desired end result. If using color, add your color before applying Wood Grain Filler to ensure equal color distribution.
  3. Preparation: Begin with a properly sanded surface, free of sanding dust.
  4. Application: Apply Wood Grain Filler with either a lint free rag, a brush, or even your fingers to feel for inconsistencies. Then, trowel off any excess.
  5. Dry Time: Allow to thoroughly dry; about 2-4 hours. We recommend 6-8 hours prior to sanding. Wood Grain Filler will dry milky, but will clear when topcoated.
  6. Recoat Time: Depending on the openness of the grain, your project may take more than one coat.
  7. Finish: Sand smooth and remove any sanding dust with a vacuum or compressed air. Wipe with a damp cloth (water only) and reapply as needed. Do a final sanding before applying your choice of a CrystaLac Top Coat.

For detailed instructions and additional application methods, including staining, visit our CrystaLac Academy.


  • Store at room temperature in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not subject the product to freezing or hot temperatures.
  • CrystaLac products have a shelf life of 5 years after opening.
  • Use in an environment above 68ºF.

Safety info

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not allow children to use the product unsupervised.
  • If using a spray application method, wear proper eye and respiratory protection.

All of our products are water-based, low-VOC, making them non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and easy to use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jeff Roltgen
Professional User for over a decade

Learned of this product while doing overflow finishing work for a local Unpainted Furniture store. We Used this on dozens of table tops. I've used it on executive grade office furnishings and desk tops for close to 15 years as a high-end cabinet maker. Recently finished a hobby item of my own. Used the full line of Luthier's finishes to build a custom pedalboard. Curly maple with multiple layers of dye, It's KNot Shellac as a sealer, as well as a toned mix for shading/blending/final darkening of edges, and this grain filler. Gloss Brite Tone instrument lacquer. Used menzerna polishing system for an excellent first try at a shaded, burst - style finish. Pretty easy to get an instrument grade, high gloss finish.
Good stuff, at all the stages of topcoating.