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Flip'N Awesome 3 in 1 Paint, Primer & Built in Top Coat

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The all-in-one paint with no compromises.

Ready to turn that old dresser into a luxury centerpiece? Want to make your kitchen feel remodeled without replacing those outdated cabinets? For any DIY project, craft, or tumbler, Flip'N Awesome 3-in-1 has you covered with a high-end furniture paint with a built-in primer, paint, and top coat.

Tip: Want a unique color? Mix colors or use our Concentrated Pigments to create whatever shade your eye desires.

Product Details


  • Safe for You – because your home shouldn’t become a laboratory. Our non-toxic formula lets you get messy without the stress. Safe for use in the house around the family and pets, with easy water cleanup.
  • Forever Finished – our specialty formula blocks stains and tannins, leaving you with nothing short of that color you choose. Also contains UV stabilizers to protect colors from fading in sunlight.
  • Easy to Apply – let your inner renaissance artist out with every brushstroke. With excellent coverage and self-leveling agents, you can wet it and let it do its thing. Flip’N Awesome can be brushed or sprayed.
  • Ready for Everyday Life – you can apply to most surfaces. The built-in top coat is durable and water resistant, leaving you with a tough, smooth surface.


  1. Environment: For best results, work in an environment between 68-75ºF.
  2. Prep: It's important to start with a clean surface. Most paint failures happen if you skip this step. Old furniture can contain contaminants of all kinds. If you use a mineral spirit cleaner, be sure to remove any traces of it by using CrystaLac Surface Conditioner. Do not use tack cloths as they can cause adhesion problems. Scuff-sand lightly to give the surface some "tooth" to hang onto. Wipe off the sanding dust with CrystaLac Surface Conditioner.
  3. Application: Shake or stir Flip'N Awesome well. Paint away using your favorite brush or sprayer. Use long, even strokes and apply thin coats. Allow product to self-level.
  4. Recoat Time: Allow 2-4 hours of dry time between coats. For tannin-bleeding woods and light colors, 2-3 coats will be needed, and be sure to allow 24 hours dry time for the first coat.
  5. Cure Time: Flip'N Awesome is intended for interior use and can be used lightly within 48 hours, but will take 2-4 weeks to fully cure. If your project will receive a lot of use/wear, we recommend applying an additional top coat like our Extreme Protection Polyurethane.
  6. Exterior Use: While Flip'N Awesome's build-in top coat is durable and water resistant, you will want to protect your project with an exterior top coat like our Crab Coat Marine Finish.


  • Store at room temperature in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not subject the product to freezing or hot temperatures.
  • CrystaLac products have a shelf life of 5 years after opening.
  • Use in an environment above 68ºF.

Safety info

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not allow children to use the product unsupervised.
  • Do not ingest.
  • If using a spray application method, wear proper eye and respiratory protection.

All of our products are water-based, low-VOC, making them non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and easy to use.

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Customer Reviews

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yeni Muniz

Excellent product works really well with pens, tumblers


Crystalac makes great products. They are non toxic and work great for tumblers. They also have excellent customer service and will quickly correct any issues.


Love it


Love it


Absolutely love using these on tumblers!