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Sanding Sealer - Why should you use it?

Sanding Sealer - Why should you use it?

Kelsey Yongue |

Why should I use CrystaLac Sanding Sealer?


Waterborne finishes “wet” the wood and cause the wood grain to raise. Sanding Sealer helps to minimize the grain raise so that less sanding is needed. CrystaLac’s amber-toned sealer also helps to enhance the warm colors of the woodgrain. Our topcoats are CRYSTAL clear, but many people are used to the “wet” darkened look that an oil or lacquer finish provides. Our amber-toned sanding sealer allows you to still create this look while still providing the benefits of a nice clear finish.


CrystaLac also offers “It’s Knot Shellac”. This is a clear version of our sanding sealer created for if you DON’T prefer the amber tint . It also works to block the tannins that can bleed through the finish, causing yellowing. This is especially important if you are painting your project white or a solid color.

 CrystaLac Sanding Sealers and It’s Knot Shellac can also be used as a pre-stain conditioner. This isn’t needed if using our gel-stain, but other stains often absorb into the wood unevenly, causing discoloration. Our sanding sealer can be used under these types of stains to give you an even coverage and colors.




The sealers can be applied by either brushing or spraying. The thin viscosity makes it easy to spread and allows it to penetrate into porous woods. To start apply 1 thin coat and allow it to dry. Lightly scuff sand to remove any raised grain fibers, then apply an additional 1 to 2 coats to seal wood and provide an excellent surface that will be ready to topcoat.

* Please be aware that oil-based stains need at least a week to gas off before applying water-based products over them.

 All CrystaLac products are non-toxic, eco-friendly and food grade safe. CrystaLac has been making specialty coatings for over 50 years!