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Wait, what is it?

Let Dorinda, Owner and Lead Formulator at CrystaLac, explain:


Tumbler prep has changed, for good.


Works with epoxy and water-based products, meaning no more prep sanding for everyone! Cover All bonds to metal, steel, glass, acrylic, ceramic, plastic, wood, vinyl, sublimation and powder coats.


Our non-toxic formula allows you to breathe easy, eliminating the need for PPE or ventilation. Cover All is FDA compliant for use on drinking vessels.

Works for You

It's like having an assistant in the craft room. Cover All is designed to self-level and pop any bubbles as it dries, while you galivant elsewhere.

Easy Cleanup

All you need is a little soap and water, making cleanup as simple as possible. No harsh chemical cleaners are needed.

Cover All

vs Prep Sanding

Cover All


Preps tumblers

Good on your joints


Works on many materials

Works while you relax

Makes a big mess

Non-toxic & eco-friendly

If you still like sanding, we won't judge ;)


Take it from some ex-sanders

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You might be wondering...


Does Cover All work with epoxy?

Yes! While Cover All is formulated for optimal compatibility with our water-based products, it works great as a prep coat before using epoxy products on your tumbler. As always, when trying a new product, we recommend testing it first.

Can Cover All be used as a top coat?

No. Cover All is a prep coat. It is specifically designed to replace the need for sanding off the factory coating on tumblers and other craft projects.

Do I need to sand before using Cover All?

Nope! All you need is a clean surface, free from oils, waxes, and dust. Cover All is designed to adhere to the factory tumbler coating.

Can I add glitter to Cover All?

No, Cover All is designed to be the preparation coating to prevent your decoration products from repelling. You will need an adhesive like our Glitter Glue to adhere and seal glitter to your tumbler designs.

Are water-based products hard to use?

Not at all! A major benefit of water-based products is ease of use. There is no mixing or measuring required and application is as easy as just brushing it on! Just be sure not to shake the product, as that can introduce unnecessary air bubbles to your project.

Will Cover All work over my design?

Short answer, yes. Cover All bonds to metal, steel, glass, acrylic, ceramic, plastic, wood, vinyl, sublimation and powder coats. You can reach out for specific questions or ask in our online community!

Is Cover All food safe?

Our tumbler products are FDA compliant, allowing you to use them on your tumblers for drink consumption. Cover All needs to be sealed with a topcoat, like our FDA compliant Grande' Finale 2.0 tumbler topcoat. Refer to the cure time instructions prior to first use.

What material types does Cover All adhere to?

Cover All bonds to metal, steel, glass, acrylic, ceramic, plastic, wood, vinyl, sublimation and powder coats.

Is Cover All kid and pet friendly?

Cover All is non-toxic and uses our ultra low VOC formula, meaning it can be used indoors without any special PPE or ventilation. As with any paint or coating, keep out of reach of children and do not let children use Cover All unsupervised. Do not ingest it or get it in your eyes.

What if I need help using Cover All?

Our customer support team is on standby, ready to help with anything you need. We also have a large Facebook community for Crafters like you to get inspiration, troubleshoot, and grow your skillset.

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Cover All (Tumbler Prep)


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Cover All (Tumbler Prep)