FAQ            These are the most commonly asked technical questions.

 Q: What is my order status and how can I find my tracking information?

A: To view your tracking information you can log into your account, or if you don't have an active account you can make an account using the same email as your order. Then view your orders to view tracking information

Q: Can I use CrystaLac Top Coats over an oil based stain?

A: Yes. The only precaution would be to make sure the oil stain has had plenty of time to dry and gas off. If you can still smell it, it’s not dry. If in doubt, air it out!

Q: Can I use water to thin the topcoats?

A: Most of our Top Coats can be easily brushed and are ready to spray without thinning them. If necessary, we have a product called Viscosity Reducer which will thin the topcoat quickly. Water will work, but it will take a lot of it and the results will weaken the chemistry of the product.

Q: Can I tint or add color to your products?

A: Yes! All CrystaLac Top Coats and even our Clear Grain Filler or Wood Putty can be tinted. Any aniline, alcohol (Not alcohol ink) or water based dyes will work fine. Universal tints will also work. It is recommended to dilute dyes with a little bit of water before adding them to the CrystaLac products.

Q: Which CrystaLac Product do you recommend for use over chalk paint?

A: Our Super Premium All Purpose Top Coat will work perfect for most projects. It is a Poly/Acrylic waterbased Top Coat that dries hard and gives great water resistance. It is available in Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss Sheens. If your project will get a lot of wear such as a tabletop, or is exposed to indoor sunlight, our Extreme Protection Polyurethane will be perfect. It is a non -yellowing polyurethane that is super tough and has added UV stabilizers to protect from those fading sun rays. For Exterior Exposure, Our CrabCoat Marine Finish is ideal.

Q: What is the difference between your topcoats?

A: See our blog post overview here: http://www.crystalac.info/blog/what-are-the-differences-between-crystalacs-topcoats